Atomic Habits: A Concept That Helped Me Cook A Healthy Dinner Tonight.

I try to always have canned beans, eggs, spinach and avocados stocked in my kitchen for moments like these. Here we go:

Egg and Avocado Bean Salad


-1 can of low sodium beans of your choice

-1/3 avocado

-Organic baby spinach

-2 eggs

-olive oil, sea salt, black pepper

First start by boiling water, and once the water boils, gently drop in the eggs in the water, and start a timer for 9 minutes. Then open the can of beans (today was a struggle) and soak and rinse the beans. I used black beans.


Once the timer is up take out the eggs but keep the water boiling in the pot. Set the eggs in some cold water to let cool and add a steamer to the pot of water. Then start chopping some spinach. It’s good to lightly chop spinach before you steam because evidence shows that chopping increases the amount of isothiocyanates in the spinach.

“Isothiocyanates are phytochemicals that have been found to reduce susceptibility to carcinogen and reduce cellular levels of toxic metals, such as arsenic and mercury.” (The Functional Nutrition Cookbook, 63.) 


Add them and steam them for less than a minute, stirring them around occasionally until they “melt” or soften. You don’t want to keep them in for more than a minute, they will lose nutritional value and become mushy. I have a tiny pot as you can see below, but it works just fine, I just have to steam the spinach in batches.


Once they are all steamed, peel the boiled eggs, and mix everything together adding avocado on top.


For seasoning, add a bit of olive oil, sea salt and black pepper. Bon Appetit!

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